About Us


F&B Restaurants Pvt.Ltd is a group grown with the idea of dining built into the identity of the fine dining industry.Having incepted in 2010,F&B Restaurants Pvt.Ltd started its operations with a strong vision to provide its guests with the food and beverage that are best in quality and taste,served in an exotic ambience.


Our goal is to become the leading Restaurant business in pan India with significant global presence.Cooking and serving is the ultimate process that any restaurant progresses with.But our chain of restaurant has been in the pursuit of providing delicious and quality food served in the most exotic ambience to satisfy the hunger pangs along with offering a relaxation to the guests.


F&B Restaurants Pvt. Ltd envisages to add a new personality to the restaurant business by offering their guests not only with food and beverage but also a warm atmosphere to relax and warm up, thereby giving a delightful dining experience.
The expansion plan of F&B has a set of aggressive strategies that aims to initiate more restaurants and food courts across India, Dubai & Qatar in another 2-3 years.


Mission of F&B Restaurants Pvt. Ltd is to delight every customer with its valued dining service along with courteousness and hospitality, building trust and comfort to visit again. The management always Endeavour to exceed the expansions of the guests in both quality of food and service.


All strategies of F&B Restaurants Pvt.Ltd are designed,developed and implemented to preserve the standard and to draw guests back to the restaurant again and again.The strategies are as follows.Every Restaurants or food court under the clan of F&B restaurants Pvt.Ltd is wisely sited at major shopping malls and business centres of that location without compromising over the economic constraints.


F&B Restaurant Pvt.Ltd practises the most amicable approach which the team believes that any hospitality business should embrace.They try to be the most dedicated and disciplined service provider providing value and consistency to their entire customers.


The company is people oriented and it ensure the satisfaction of all who are associated with F&B Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. The management lays emphasis on offering the best service to people who came is as guest well the people who work behind the business.


To ensure that the food we serve meets the safty standards and highest quality.
To offers the guests a unique dinning experience with delicious food inviting ambience.
Give the best of a working environment to all the employees works F&B Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.


The backbone behind the F&B Restaurants Pvt. Ltd is a strong management team of individuals with rich experience in hotel and dining industry.
All the restarants and food court coming under F&B Restaurants Pvt. Ltd are located in the much becoming locations that demonstrate rapid expansion both economically and socially